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Foot Pain Effects And Causes
Every day we walk a considerable distance even when not going anywhere, the heels of our feet are probably the most used parts of our body. These constant steps cause an exposure to many pitfalls that can have a serious impact on our every day lives. Even the slightest pain or discomfort of the heel can cause us to walk slightly differently and when our natural gait is altered due to Foot Pain or discomfort stresses and strains are put on the rest of our body, our posture is affected and these stresses can cause pain elsewhere, most significantly the spinal column or lower back.

Foot Pain has many causes, the overwhelming culprit being plantar fasciitis, more commonly known as heel spurs, which is in fact incorrect as heel spurs are a bone deformity and Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the sole of the foot. Should the heel bone become fractured as result of ageing, an accident or trauma, Foot Pain is almost certain to become a symptom. Sudden Foot Pains that last should be analysed by a professional, Foot Pain is best treated early on to avoid further painful consequences.

The heels most common adversary is plantar fasciitis, mainly present in women over the age of forty. There are many contributing factors, most prevalent being excessive activity, weight issues or just enforced standing for considerable periods due to work commitments. Other feet problems such as high arches or flat feet can also be a factor. Although these factors are pre-dominant in women, anyone can suffer from Foot Pain due to plantar fasciitis, males, females the young and the old.

Foot Pain may become apparent fist thing in the morning, when standing up after a period of rest, although not to painful at first, the pain may increase as the days activities take their toll on your feet and if not treated as soon as possible the pain may increase, probably causing aches and pains in other areas as your skeletal system tries to adjust, until a visit to the doctor becomes inevitable. Many sufferers of plantar fasciitis induced Foot Pain can find themselves tormented with the added burden of knee pain, back pain and pain in joints they did not realise existed.

Due to the many causes of Foot Pain and plantar fasciitis, treatment becomes a complex issue, if the condition is ascertained in the early stages, the pain can be alleviated by simple rest or the use of strapping, insoles, heel pads or other such orthotic apparatus. Should the pain be ignored and symptoms worsen, surgery may become advisable.

To hopefully avoid the threat of surgery, exercising as prescribed by a professional, can be very beneficial especially when done in conjunction with the use of insoles in the shoes, that improve the relationship between feet and legs and absorb shock that the heel area experiences from daily walking. Sometimes the heel needs to be placed in a plaster cast to avoid further damage and this also acts as enforced rest. Foot Pain induced surgery is not pleasant an involves the cutting of ligaments, which obviously needs to be avoided if at all possible.

It is not all bad news though, seventy percent or more of all Foot Pain is alleviated or treated with anti inflammatory drugs or judicious use of heel pads, cups or other orthotic insoles. Be aware that early consultation with a foot doctor is advisable, if caught in the early stages, Foot Pain can be treated without surgery and in the event that surgery is required there is a substantial chance of a successful outcome.

Foot Pain

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