Gel Strips Foot Corns Hammer Toe Finger Pain (Toe Finger Protectors)

Half gel coated elasticated tube, provides protection for toe area, where it is needed most for maximum comfort. Relieves pressure, friction and pain by cushioning and protecting  the toe. Gel strips are the ideal treatment for relieving foot pain from toes or fingers affected by corns, blebs, blisters, hammertoes, calluses and digital traumas. Protects, softens and lubricates areas where a greater thickness of gel is required. Gel releases a medical grade mineral oil to lubricate the skin as it separates troubled toes or fingers.

Available in three sizes:
S: 1.9 cm diameter/ 63 cm length
M: 2.8 cm diameter/ 63 cm length
L: 3.3 cm diameter/ 63 cm length

Can be cut to required size.

Ideal application for:
Toe pain
Bunion /hallux valgus
Finger protection
Dry and hard skin/ callus
Feet corn

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