Flat Feet Fallen Arch Insoles Flat Foot Treatment

Flat feet/fallen arch supports insoles, reducing excessive pronation, offering mid foot arch support, and full stabilization of the forefoot helping to correct posture and minimizing lower limb stresses, and muscle fatigue. High-arch support design, improves the balance of plantar heel. The position of the foot is adjusted to the correct arch angle, in order to improve comfort and leg alignment.

Aids in the prevention of leg-length discrepancy.
Alleviates the discomfort of fallen arches.

Men’s size: UK 7-10; USA 7.5-10.5 (length of the insoles: 26-29cm)
Women’s size: UK 3.5-6.5; USA 5-7 (length of the insoles: 23-26cm) 

Indications for use:
Plantar Fasciitis
Shin splints
Arch pain
Heel pain
Knee pain
Back pain
Over pronation

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